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Updates moved to Facebook

May 22, 2012

Check out new shoots at my new Facebook page at Rons Images By The Sea.  It is easier to post and simpler posting new pictures.  
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Spring Break 2012 is Here!

March 29, 2012

Spring Break has sprung upon us and we are back in business ready for the New Year!  We had a couple of Beach Photo sessions to kick off the New Year and ready for more.  The beaches are beautiful, water is warmer than usual and ready for our tourists.  Come on down and enjoy our beaches and contact me for a Beach Portrait with your family! Thanks to all my customers for a good fun last year and welcome back for 2012.  
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The Month of June

July 3, 2011

We had a busy month of June with returning customers that I am sincerely grateful to and many new families.  We had the honor of photographing a young Ballerina on our beach doing fantastic jumps with the Emerald Coast beach line for a backdrop.  I posted an image on the home page.  She seemed to be suspended in mid air flying over the beach.  July has already started off with a bang with record number tourists arriving.  I photographed 3 year old triplets last night and the shots looked amazing.  The kids posed wonderfully for us during the session.  Their younger brother was the only one that was not ready but who could blame him since he had a fever that day.  I am proudly showing off my  a picture of my Grandson, Daniel on the home page.  He is 8 months old and just a cute little buddy.  We had a cool photo shoot of him in June and he loved the beach.  I will be hopefully showing also a picture of my Granddaughter Izzy this weekend.  Come on down to our beaches.  They are clean and ready for your families to enjoy.  Travel safely. 
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The beach is booming with tourists

June 8, 2011

Finishing up a second week with beautiful beaches full of tourists.  We had great shoots with the Kattawar, Nelson, Merlin, Raven, Mullins, Nichols and tonight the Tyler and Counton Families.  Thanks to all my returning families and welcome to all newcomers to Ron's Images By The Sea.  The weather is gorgeous, water, warm, now seaweed, jellyfish in sight.  Temps are hanging from the 80s to 90s with white sands and emerald waters.  Come on down and enjoy our beaches.  
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Beautiful Beaches on the Emerald coast and ready for business

April 30, 2011

Come on down with no worries about oil on our beaches.  No tar balls sighted here and the waters are clear and clean with white sandy beaches.  Water temperatures are a little high this time of year at around 80 degrees but fun for swimming and wading now.  We have survived the last year and are ready for business again.  I photographed a few families during spring break and we were also busy with our sailboat we brought down from Lake Lanier.  We have been busy in the spring fixing her up and getting her ready to sail in the Gulf.  
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Life is Good, Thanks for coming to our beaches

October 21, 2010

It has been a challenging year but it will be better next year.  Thanks for coming down to our beaches despite the Oil media hype.  We had some oil but very minor compared to other counties.  There is no oil present or visible here now on our beaches and the Oil cleanup crews have also been called off.  I volunteered and took the Hazmat courses for the oil spill ready to work but never was called out.  Our beaches are clean and safe.  Come on down again to visit, I am looking forward to see you and photographing your family.
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Beaches free and clear of tar balls.

August 14, 2010

I have been busy doing photo shoots for the past week and still going in the water snorkeling. My fiance, Arbhie has just arrived since last week and we have been busy together.  It is slowed down considerably with tourism here and we are gearing up for a great Labor Day weekend.  Come on down and enjoy our beaches.
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Waters have some algae still but clear of tar

July 28, 2010

Snorkeled again and encountered some algae still in the shallow water but it is slowing going away.  Water clears out towards the sand bar and the surf was calm.  Sands are white and clean so come on down to enjoy our beautiful beach.  
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Beautiful Emerald Green Waters of Destin

July 20, 2010

I am snorkeling everyday in our waters here at Silver Shells Beach and once again the water was warm, and crystal clear with some pockets of algae.  There were a few baitfish and some stingrays to play with.  I finished a shoot over at Seaside today with the Livesay Family.   We had a blast.  The waters there also were clear and beach free and clear of any tar balls.   Now is the time to come down to enjoy the beach.  


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Waters in Destin Crystal Clear and Beautiful

July 15, 2010

Had another successful shoot with the Tronscono Family.  I went snorkeling again and the water was crystal clear.  No tar balls on our beaches.  Sands are pristine white just another beautiful day.  I cam across a huge school of large Jack Crevalle coming towards me in about 20 feet of water.  It was a beautiful sight.  I also so a huge school of sea catfish swarming around near the shallow water in about 15 feet depth.  Nice to see our fish are healthy here and surviving.  Dolphins are spotted daily and I am anxiously awaiting another wild dolphin encounter.  Come on down and enjoy our beautiful waters. Silver Shells Beach Resort and Spa's website has a working beach cam where you can see a live view daily.



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